6 Internet Tricks You Should Be Using

If you are constantly on the internet, then it is imperative that you know some of the tips and tricks of this and knowing them can help to make your life much easier. Some of the most common internet tricks are as follows:

  1. Use Browser as a Notepad- It is a really easy tip for people who are in a hurry. It takes only a minute.You just have to type data:text/html, <html contenteditable> on your browser’s address bar and voila! Now you can use your browser as a notepad.
  2. Convert YouTube Video into GIF Image – GIF (Graphics image interface) image is an image that supports both still and animated image. If you want to convert glimpse of the YouTube video into the GIF image. All you have to just add gif after the www.https://www.gifyoutube.com/watch?v=61d0R25UJes, and you can convert your youtube video into a GIF image.
  3. Getting back the Closed Browser tabThis is one of the most amazing tricks of the internet. You can get back or restore the last browser page you have closed by simply pressing “Ctrl + Shift + T”. You can get the second last page closed also by pressing the same keys twice and for third last page thrice and so on.

4. View Hidden Password in Browser – Most of the times when someone types a password in computer, all we get to see are big dots or stars. But it is possible to uncover the password that these stars shield from us. For this all we need to do is to change the type of the form field from password to text. Since it is so easy to view anyone’s password, it is always advisable to keep a strong password.

5. Access Everything on Your Computer – This tricky shortcut gives you easy access to all the maintenance features of Windows. This mode was actually created to help people look for problems and sort them out quickly. To create the God Mode shortcut, create a new folder and name it“GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.”After naming this newly created folder just press enter and see how easy it is.

6. Play Movies and Music in Google Chrome – Google Chrome browser can also be used to play media files such as movies and music. All you need to do is just drag the media file in Google Chrome and enjoy a movie or the songs.




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